Terms and Privacy Statement

1. Any and all information requested and/or collected from this site, for the purpose of sales information, feedback or any other reason is for internal use only 
and will not be sold to any person (s) or any outside organization (s) and will be kept strictly confidential by TZD inKed. 

2. We have the highest respect for your privacy. 

3. Your e-mail information will not be sold or redistributed for any reason. 

4. We reserve the right to use comment or feedback e-mail you send to us as either a testimonial of your experience with us, comments on this website, 
comments pertaining to dealings with others who involve us, or as an (rare) example, complaints sent to us via e-mail. If you do not want your email used in such a fashion, 
mark it confidential and it will not be used.  It is reasonable for us to assume that they we have been given permission to use your e-mail unless you explicitly denied it.

5. Any information supplied by you for the purpose of correspondence, obtaining our services or any other reason will be kept in strictest confidence and will not
 be sold or redistributed to any other person(s) or company(s) for any reason including but not limited to e-mail or other forms of secured correspondence. 

6. Your credit card information is submitted to us via a secured site or over the phone and shall remain secured, limited to the security of the present day technology, 
and with strictest confidence. Any and all information pertaining to you or your credit card shall not be sold or used in any way that may be of any determent to yourself 
or TZD inKed. Furthermore, your credit card number and any information pertaining to you, whether submitted by you or obtained for use for the purposes 
of verifying your credit worthiness, shall never be divulged to any person (s) or company (s) for any reason. 

7. Any information about you or your computer that is obtained by us for the purposes of serving you better including but not limited to IP address, 
username or any other information supplied through the internet by your computer or ISP shall remain confident. 
Any use we may have for this information is for the purposes of serving you
 better on our site. This information will not be sold or distributed to any third party without your expressed permission or consent.

8. TZD inKed does not express nor imply knowledge of nor have control over any third party who obtains your information through illegal means. 
Our objective is to maintain security and privacy for our customers, patrons and visitors. If for any reason you feel your private or personal information is 
being used in a wrong or illegal way or your privacy is being infringed upon,  please e-mail TZD inKed.

9. Invoices are expected to be paid in full 30 days from receipt. Any unpaid bill not paid within this time period will be accessed a 5% monthly finance charge. 

For other important information, please see our disclaimer statement.

       If you  have any questions or would like more information about our terms and privacy statement  please send inquiries to TZD inKed
Please state the nature of your inquiry and  we will respond back at the soonest possible convenience.